Travelling through new landscapes and immersing myself in new cultures has definitely helped me to get over my writer’s block. The last time I wrote a poem called ‘Rainy Tuesday’, I was in first year of college. Chief guest at our college Annual day, Arun Jaitley had awarded me the first prize in poetry writing then (boast, boast) . Ever since then till just 2 months back I do not recollect having written a single poem. I would struggle, but words simply refused to flow. But travelling through a variety of vistas over the years finally helped me get my poetic streak back.

Now, all I pine for is to go off to the Himalayas for a month, stay in some remote hamlet and walk through miles of greenery, with only Maggi noodles and cups of steaming hot ‘chai’ and make up for all these years of not writing enough. So, sharing with you an inspirational themed poem titled ‘Ever’ I recently wrote where I tried to play with the word ‘ever’ that has no meaning of its own but accentuates the intensity of all the words around it.  Hope you like it.




Have you ever:

Explored woods deeper and darker than what you thought ever existed and walked out bruised but unharmed?

Navigated waters more unforgiving than what you ever imagined was possible and landed spent but safe on a sunny shore?

Fought off demons and apparitions scarier than what your mother ever read to you about and emerged victor in a battle you almost thought you had lost?

Lifted loads heavier than what you ever thought you could and felt a surging strength stronger than what the average man is capable of?


Painted a picture more beautiful than what you ever thought your rigid imaginations would allow from their narrow confines?

Sang a song to a child, sweeter than you ever realized your hardened soul would allow you to express?

Danced carelessly to pulsating beats and intoxicating rhythms as if you never ever cared who was watching?

Wrote a letter to a lover brimming with tears and emotion, knowing well that you will never ever get the answer you are hoping for?

Have you ever felt that you may have been designed by the Universe to walk a path much higher than what you set out to walk, or live a life far greater than what you set out to live?

Maybe you were born to live and survive a life of challenges and become an inspiration to others planning to quit, to stand tall and never ever give up.



3 thoughts on “Ever

  1. Simply WOW!! Brilliant piece of writing. ‘Ever’ might not hold much strength on it’s own, but you’ve penned down some question which requires some pondering and introspection….loved every bit of it!!

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