Not just another Sunday in the city.

For the likes of me who spend more than half their lives travelling on the road, it is rare that we actually make time out specifically to pamper ourselves in our own city. You can catch me trying out a Cambodian Khmer massage, or getting an exotic spa in Bali or letting fish nibble at my feet in a fish farm in Sri Lanka or trying out a hot stone bath in Bhutan… because they represent adventure and the thrill of trying out something exotic to me. But unlike many of my friends who can spend days indulging themselves at a Spa in the city, I am the types to give it a miss completely, primarily out of fear of boredom and lack of adventure quotient.

But when I got an invite for a  ‘Sparty’ , hosted by the chic Parisian parlour, Jean Claude Biguine, for women bloggers in Mumbai, I made up  my mind to becoming an explorer in my own city and check out the local fashion scene finally.


Photo courtesey: Vinita Bahl

My first connection with JCB  happened as soon as I entered the building. Lovely old photos of ‘Bombay’ graced the walls of the cute little stairway that wound itself up leisurely to the first floor where the salon was located. Well, they definitely knew how to work their way from the boulevards of Paris to the heart of a Mumbaikar right from the moment you set foot inside. Plus, Lonely Planet look alikes like these (of course keeping the fashionista in mind) had the explorer in me quite curious frankly.


Photo courtesy: Vinita Bahl

Once upstairs, I was pleasantly surprised by the modern, yet minimalistic design. Had it not been for the glossy nail polish bottles lying around and the sound of a blow dryer humming away, I would have almost felt like I was in a cafe. Do not expect to see the typical high backed salon type chairs here. Instead expect very comfortable lounge chairs and casual contemporary furniture and a large, clear glass facade overlooking the city……. creating a very social and interactive vibe. It was the perfect setting for me to get to know a vibrant, fun and diverse group of bloggers from around the city who blogged on everything from fashion, to parenting to football.


Photo courtesy: Vinita Bahl

I was given an option to experience a manicure, pedicure or a head and back massage with a blow dry. I thought of surrendering myself to a much needed head massage and I am so glad I did. My therapist whisked me off to a soothing room with dim lighting and aroma oils (yes, the massage rooms are separate) that put me into a trance immediately. For the next half an hour, she worked fabulously on muscles I did not even know existed and pressure points that needed some serious ‘un – knotting’. The head massage she gave me sent me to Seventh heaven and the gentle shampoo that followed next ensured I stayed on Cloud Nine for several days to come. Finally, came the blow dry and fellow bloggers crowding up excitedly taking photos of me in my new avatar and making me feel like a seasoned style diva.

I looked around and everyone was sprouting a new look, with dead cells scrubbed away and nails shining glamorously. Wine and conversations flowed courtesy JCB, as did the snacks and savouries livening up what could have been just another Sunday afternoon in the city.


Photo courtesy: Vinita Bahl

Thanks to the amazing discounts and deals they have for newcomers to their salon, I made a second trip to JCB just a week later for a haircut. The stylist suggested that I experiment with my look a bit and the narcissist in me uploaded the results of her experiment on Facebook. Well, 75+ likes (in 48 hours) and several flattering compliments later, I may just be on the road to becoming the next loyal customer of JCB.



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